C.I. Cyclones Soccer Academy is where young boys and girls are introduced to the game of soccer. Under the guidance of professional coaches, they learn skills, techniques, and rules of the game of soccer. Specially designed training sessions introduce the fundamental soccer skills to children aged 3-16 years old in a fun, game-oriented environment with small group sessions. Participants will be divided by age and individual coaching plans, which are devised for each group.

Academy Highlights

Training  sessions focus on small-sided games and application of soccer techniques that reflect real game situations.

  • Focuses on individual skill development over competition.
  • Ensures fun learning atmosphere in the non-competitive environment, which is beneficial for young players.
  • Promotes physical health,fitness  and social skills in young boys and girls
  • Provides gradual move to the Travel Soccer Program if competitive soccer is players’ ultimate goal.

Program Structure

  • Each session typically runs between 45 to 60 minutes, with 1 session per week.
  • Courses are offered during the summer, spring, fall and winter seasons.



Price for 10 Weeks Package*
Age Once a week Twice a week
all $300 $400

*Please note a one time a o non refundable fee of $150 applies during registration(New Uniforms are included).

Registration Steps to complete

1. Academy Registration Form

2. Release Form

3. Medical Form printed out and completed  by your child’s physician

4. For Children 3-12 years  old,  mandatory insurance  must be completed  AAU insurance

  • Club: CI Cyclones
  • Club Code:WW3Y59

5. Bring completed Medical Form, payment and any additional information to Coach Felix Abramovich