Club History

Coney Island Cyclones Soccer Club was established in 2004 by Coach Felix Abramovich. Coney Island Cyclones Soccer Club provides an amazing opportunity for young players to play soccer at all levels and develop skills to become successful on and off the field. Coach Felix felt very passionate about the game of soccer and his work with children. Playing soccer professionally and learning from some of the country’s best coaches have enabled Coach Felix to create remarkable training philosophy, which made CI Cyclones one of the most successful and recognizable youth soccer clubs in Brooklyn, NY.

Mission Statement

The objective of the CI Cyclones Youth Soccer Club is to promote and to develop the sport of soccer for boys and girls in Brooklyn, NY. Our philosophy is to provide an atmosphere of good sportsmanship, within which the players and teams can not only compete but also learn and enjoy the game of soccer.

Our Mission

CI Cyclones Youth Soccer Club is a non-profit organization. Our core goal is to promote physical fitness among youth, to develop self-esteem and community pride, to foster and advance the game of soccer, and to provide the youth of CI Cyclones Soccer Club to grow and develop into responsible young adults.

The goal of this organization is to promote and perpetuate the game of soccer by providing youth with the opportunity to experience the game, to learn and develop skills, and to participate in a controlled recreational environment. Our organization strives to promote sportsmanship and character in our players, coaches, parents, and fans. Our mission is to instill physical, mental, and emotional growth of the participants through the sport of soccer.

Our recreational soccer program emphasizes fun for all youth and it does not promote “winning at any cost” amongst players, teams or leagues.
Community support is of prime importance for CI Cyclones Soccer Club, and we encourage parents, citizens, and businesses to support our organization by sponsoring this website. This media of communication will help us reach more effectively: players, coaches, parents and the public. It will foster weekly updated schedules of games and practices, and allow us to focus our time and efforts on organizing, coaching and training our youth to become young citizens with a positive attitude.

Our Sponsors