Soccer is a beautiful game when played with skill, intelligence, and passion. Our goal at the C.I. Cyclones  Soccer Program is to provide a safe and fun environment that will teach our players the values of sportsmanship, teamwork, self-confidence, and respect. Accordingly, we designed youth recreation and competitive programs for boys and girls between the ages of 3-18 that give everyone the opportunity to learn and enjoy the game of soccer.

Our coaching philosophy is to develop players that play with confidence, enthusiasm, and genuine love for soccer. We give necessary attention to each player regardless of their skill level. We utilize a progressive methodology, which emphasizes ball control, agility, fitness, and ball striking. Lessons cover all key game elements: dribbling moves, shooting and finishing, defending, first touch control, passing and receiving, support play and use of space, team offense and defense. Full field and small-sided games are supervised at each session.


After players develop basic skills, we work with them to establish foundations of tactical knowledge and concepts in a small group and team setting. This will allow players to better understand the game of soccer and to perform on a higher level. Emphasis on tactical knowledge will be presented in a progressive order.


One of our core club principles is to encourage our older players to become role models for younger players. Presenting a positive example on and off the field is a great motivational technique for players’ development. Sportsmanship and love of the game of soccer is installed from very beginning and our players learn to communicate and work together with other players. C.I. Cyclones  Soccer Club strives hard to have all club players working together, which benefits the players themselves, our club, and our community.