The Travel Soccer program is geared for players to further advance their skills and achieve their full potential . We believe in player development through effort,commitment, discipline, and teamwork.

Our teams compete at the highest level of youth soccer in Tri­State Area :   New York’s cosmopolitan Junior Soccer League, Just Say Soccer League,  and participate in tournaments in the Tri-State area throughout the year.

Program Structure

During the fall and spring seasons the teams practice two to three times per week and play league games on weekends. During the winter season, the teams practice twice per week and participate in variety of indoor soccer competition on Sunday mornings. The teams also participate in a number of scrimmages and soccer tournaments throughout the course of the year.


Price for 10 Weeks Package*
Age Once a week Twice a week
3-5 $350 $450
6-8 $350 $500
9-11 $350 $500
12-14 N/A $500

*Please note a one time a o non refundable fee of $150 applies during registration(New Uniforms are included).

Registration Steps to complete

1. Travel Team Registration Form

2. Release Form

3. Medical Form printed out and completed  by your child’s physician

4. Bring completed Medical Form, payment and any additional information to Coach Felix Abramovich